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Level 5 BA Modules

We offer a wide range of modules exploring ministry, mission and church-related community work. Here you will find a full list of all of our Level 5 BA modules. Please note that not all modules will be available each year. A downloadable *.pdf version of this list is available here – BA Level 5 Modules.

BA501  Learning and Reflecting Together Theologically

This module develops participants’ awareness of diverse contexts and the impact of this on the method, content and interpretation of theology in Christian discipleship. Participants will draw on established methods of doing theology, to develop theological reflection individually and collaboratively, taking account of their own and other contexts.

BA502  Selected Biblical Texts and Themes

This module builds on an earlier level four module (BA402) to develop further understanding of the Bible and its interpretation. Through it participants will understand different ways in which Biblical interpretation can be approached and practiced; understand the issues raised by adopting a thematic approach to the Bible through focusing, for example, on ‘social justice’; undertake an in-depth study of one NT epistle (for example, 1 Corinthians); develop their skills of exegesis; and develop skills in reflecting on and evaluating the use of the Bible in the life of the local church.

BA503A  Islam and Christianity in Britain

This practical half module will introduce participants to Islam in Britain, provide the opportunity to meet Muslims and facilitate a visit to a mosque.  Current relationships between Islam and Christianity in Britain will be explored, introducing interfaith dialogue and initiatives and identifying key benefits, challenges, tensions and potential in relating.

BA503B  The Ecumenical Challenge

Ecumenism is often seen as one activity among many others in the life of the churches.  Yet the founders of the modern ecumenical movement saw it as a means of renewing the churches and their evangelistic and social mission. Significant achievements include the work on ‘Baptism, Eucharist and Ministry’ and combating racism.  What is the challenge of ecumenism now?

BA504  Themes in Christian Theology 2

This module will look at some of the main themes in Christian theology: exploring their development within different social and historical contexts; examining contemporary perspectives; and reflecting upon how different theological themes are handled within the participants’ own contexts.

BA505A  Approaches to Mission in Britain Today

This module will help participants to reflect critically on issues arising from the practice of mission in Britain today.

BA505B  Mission in a Multi-Faith Context

The module will introduce participants to a variety of Hindu and Muslim responses to Christianity. Consideration will then be given to Christian responses appropriate in a multi-faith society and the manner and apologetic which may be used in witness to Christian faith.

BA506A  Christian Education and Faith Development

The module will consider Christian Education and the development of faith in their cognitive and affective aspects in formal and informal processes and participation in the life of the Christian community.  Participants will engage with the theories, analyses and skills that support such learning.

BA506B  Congregational Analysis and Community Development

This module will explore different aspects of analyzing a congregation from a local and broader perspective. It will provide an introduction to the ethos and methods of community development giving specific attention to issues of social justice and empowerment and the significance of these values for both church and community.

BA508  New Testament Greek

Rigorous and critical study and interpretation of sacred texts is helped considerably by the ability to understand the original languages in which the texts were written.

In this module participants have the opportunity to gain an understanding of New Testament Greek. They will be provided with an overview of the main features of the language, more detailed information about the basic grammatical forms and constructions, and given skills to help them make use of the secondary resources available for a detailed study of scriptural texts.

BA509  Biblical Hebrew for Exegesis

This unit provides an introduction to the basics of Biblical Hebrew for the purposes of enhanced appreciation, understanding and interpretation of biblical texts.

BA510  Pastoral and Practical Theology

This module helps participants to develop a general awareness of the theoretical and practical issues related to ministry and to reflect on them theologically.

BA511(CW)  Transforming our Communities B

This module will introduce students to practical and theoretical insights into community transformation.  In order to do this the module will introduce conflict management and also different models of working in both church and community. Each session will focus on different aspects of the transformational nature of community work  It is anticipated that there will be recent or current experience of community engagement and that students will either be engaged in a placement or working in a church or community context

The module will provide a means of fulfilling NOS requirements.

BA512(CW)  Theologies for the City B

This module explores the history and development of Urban Theology and its current relevance. It investigates the nature of ‘cities’ in the Old and New Testament, identifying some of the social issues inherent in biblical urban living. Having identified these issues it will critically apply those insights to contemporary urban issues and do so by critically employing specific Urban Theology methodologies which relate the Biblical Text to contemporary urban contexts.

BA513(CW)  Facilitating Participation B

This module provides an introduction to recent UK Government initiatives and the impact of that legislation on churches and local communities. As a socio-political interpretation of the Gospels relates issues of empire, governance and justice in the text to contemporary issues, the module also provides an introduction to Mark’s Gospel from a socio-political perspective, looking at the way in which such interpretations may encourage community awareness and political activism.

BA514(CW)  Community Engagement through Public Theology B

This module provides an introduction to different perceptions of public theology. It will look at the work of some key proponents and explore the issue of church decline and secularization. The module will also look at issues of globalization and the impact of the economic crisis on local communities. It will look at other issues identified by public theology and ask how this approach could assist the development of community practice.

BA515(CW)  Community Work Skills B

This module is placement based and it is anticipated that there will be experience of community work on which to base the assignment. It will critically review the skills necessary for beginning and developing a community work project, including making grant applications, looking at the writing and significance of business plans and developing community projects. Each session will be related to specific aspects of community work and NOS requirements.

BA516(CW)  Communication in Text and Community B

Using a liberation theology methodology and socio-political readings of the biblical text, this module will use the Book of Acts to explore communication theory. It will reflect on the importance of positive communication skills in both church and community contexts and will provide an inter-disciplinary approach by using the theory of communication found in community work/development, the insights of pastoral theology and liberation theology, plus socio-political readings of the biblical text, in order to explore different aspects of communication found in the text and contemporary society.

BA517(CW)  Enabling Inclusion B

The module will look at different discriminatory issues from the perspective of community work and, by providing an introduction to aspects of liberation theology, demonstrate that an anti-discriminatory philosophy has an interdisciplinary perspective. The module will investigate the development of Anti-Discriminatory Practices in social work and look at specific examples of discrimination, for example, gender, race, disability or age discrimination.

BA518(CW)  The Value and Values of Community Work B

The module will explore definitions of community and the history of community work and community development against the context of the church’s involvement in communities. The module will examine some of the values which lie behind community work and community development, looking at the work and influence of some key contributors, and exploring the relevance of community work values for the church.

BA519  Radical Church Traditions

This module will explore the history of the church in Britain from the Reformation onwards, with particular emphasis on the radical traditions of dissent and nonconformity. Participants will examine key features of the main historic denominations that represent these traditions, deepen their understanding of the context in which they developed, and reflect critically on their significance for the church today.

BA520A  The Theology and Practice of Preaching

This module will critically examine a range of issues relating to the theology and practice of preaching including its nature, its purpose, its validity and what constitutes effective preaching.

BA520B  Introduction to Christian Leadership

This module will survey and evaluate selected approaches to leadership that influence Christians today. It will allow students to reflect on the person of the Christian leader, identifying valuable attributes and skills, such as handling change and working with teams. Examples of contemporary issues in the area of Christian leadership will be reviewed. Throughout the module students will be encouraged to reflect on their own approach to leadership with particular reference to their context.

BA522  Children, Young People & Families

This module will look at some key themes and approaches for working with children, young people and families. Students will critique approaches to ministry with children, young people and families and reflect on implications for practice in a variety of settings.

BA523A  Revival in Christian History

This module will critically examine a range of issues relating to the history and understanding of revival and revivalism in the Christian Church.  It will include a focus on the significance of revival and revivalism for Pentecostalism in general and African Pentecostalism in particular. The module will also consider how the legacy of revival and revivalism influences expressions of African Christianity in Britain today.