You are welcome! If you are excited about Biblical Studies, are looking for a Bible School, or just want to take a short Bible course, we have something for you. At Luther King House you can:

  • Explore how the Bible speaks to your own faith, church and community
  • Go deeper into the Bible, the truths it contains and how God speaks through it today
  • A range of topics covering Old Testament and New Testament
  • Study designed to help you lead others in engaging with the Bible
  • Option to learn Greek and/or Hebrew
  • Opportunities to develop wider skills in ministry and mission

We offer courses validated by Durham University, ranging from a Foundation Award through to BA and MA. Our PhD Programme, validated by the University of Manchester, means courses can last from 6 months to 6 years!

Different entry options with part-time and full-time study possibilities. For full information about our learning programmes and how to apply, click here, or to talk about your options, email us at,  call 0161 249 2504, or use the form below

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‘I am happy with the quality of the course and members of the staff are really amazing. Friendly people and the quality of the teaching is high.’ A recent student at LKH