27 Apr

2021 Whitley Lecture: ‘Does This Cross Have Disabled Access?’ – Live on Zoom

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David Goodbourn Annual Lecture: ‘Untangling the legacies of slavery’

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28 Jun

Summer School 2021: Preaching in a Ministerial Context

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Job Vacancy: Northern College Administrator

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Research Symposium (in Partnership with MHA) – Thursday 12th November 2020

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Staff Profiles

We are an ecumenical staff team drawn together from the different colleges that make up Luther King House. We are committed to offering the highest quality of learning and support to all who study here, and to continuing our own learning through ongoing study and research. When you come to study here you will meet the following people:

The Revd Dr Graham Adams – Theology and World Faiths

Graham is a Northern College tutor, programme leader for the MA and ordained Congregational minister, who teaches Mission Studies in the context of global Christianity and religious diversity and dialogue. His research interests include ‘the solidarity of the shaken’ (Andrew Shanks’s understanding of the ‘kingdom’ to which the church contributes), and mission in the context of contemporary ‘Empire’. He is the author of ‘Christ and the Other’ (published by Ashgate, 2010).

Dr Richard M Benda

Richard is part of the Open College teaching and tutorial team. He is also a Research Fellow at Luther King House. He holds a BA(Hons), MA and PhD in Religions and Theology from the University of Manchester. He also holds a Masters in Law from the Independent University of Kigali (Rwanda). Richard co-teachers various core modules in Theology at the undergraduate and postgraduate level. When he is not teaching Theology, he pursues his interests in different tropes of the aftermath of the genocide against the Tutsi in Rwanda; an area in which he has a modest portfolio of publications.

The Revd Dr Noel Irwin – Modern Theology

Noel is a member of the Northern College staff team with particular responsibility for the Community Work programme. He is a Methodist Minister, and he teaches political, social and non-western theologies. His interests include liberation and urban theology and the relationships between religion, politics and violence. Noel loves to run in the mountains and is an athletics coach.

The Revd Glen Marshall – Mission Studies and Homiletics

Glen is the Co-Principal of Northern Baptist College and programme leader for the BA. He teaches courses on mission and homiletics. His research interests include mission and western culture, preaching in the context of postchristendom and the interface between theology, spirituality and jazz.

The Revd Dr Clare McBeath – Theology

Clare McBeath is Co-Principal of Northern Baptist College and teaches Christian theology with research interests in contemporary and contextual theologies. She is a Baptist minister and Team Leader with Urban Expression and has served for many years in urban, vibrant and multi-cultural communities. She is a published author and a long standing writer for various Christian charities producing worship materials, Bible study notes and magazine articles.

The Revd Dr Adam Scott – Tutor for Ministerial Foundation

Adam is a member of the Northern College staff team. Orignally from Dublin, Adam moved to the UK to study psychology. Having trained as a Baptist minister, he ministered in chaplaincy, community and urban church settings in London. Latterly, he transferred as a minister to the URC and undetrtook a doctorate in psychology in Manchester. As a chartered psychologist he has worked in various clinical settings, as a therapist, clinical supervisor and service manager. Adam lives in Manchester with his husband and is an active member of a local URC church.

The Revd Dr Rosalind Selby – Biblical Studies

Rosalind is the Principal of Northern College (United Reformed Church and Congregational Federation, also receiving students from the Moravian Church). She is an ordained United Reformed Church minister, and her main area of teaching is biblical – with a particular interest in the Gospels and in ecological readings. She is the author of The Comical Doctrine, a study of New Testament hermeneutics.

The Revd Graham Sparkes – Christian Spirituality

Graham is a member of the Open College staff team and serves as President of LKH. He is an ordained Baptist minister, and his main area of teaching is Christian Spirituality. His research interests include the relationship between faith and art, and he has co-authored God and the Art of Seeing.

The Revd Dr Jonathan Tallon – Biblical Studies

Jonathan is part of the Northern Baptist Team and is an ordained Anglican minister. He teaches New Testament and Greek at Luther King House. He is also the Research Programme Co-ordinator. His own research areas include how the Bible was interpreted and understood within the late antique context, and what that can teach us today.

Dr Megan Warner – Biblical Studies

Meg is a member of the Northern College staff team. She has previously held positions at Exeter University, King’s College London, and Trinity Theological College in Melbourne, Australia. Meg publishes in a wide range of contexts, at both the highest academic and most broadly accessible levels. She particularly enjoys teaching in church contexts and is a Licensed Lay Minister and a member of the General Synod of the Church of England.

The Revd Dr Kim Wasey – Pastoral and Practical Theology

Kim is Principal of Open College (from September 2018) and teaches in the areas of pastoral and practical theology. She holds an MPhil and Doctorate in theology from Birmingham University and has published on young women’s experiences of church and using social media for qualitative research. She is a member of the Symposium on the Faith Lives of Women and Girls and continues to research including in chaplaincy and wellbeing. Kim is also Assistant Priest in a local Church of England parish

The Revd Dr Jan Berry – Honorary Research Fellow The Revd Dr Richard Kidd – Honorary Research Fellow The Revd Dr Andrew Pratt – Honorary Research Fellow The Revd Dr Ian K Duffield – Director of Research at UTU (Urban Theology Unit – Sheffield)